Express Your Heartfelt Emotions with Handwritten Notes

handwritten love notes
handwritten love notes

Welcome to Handwritten Love Notes

Where we bring the magic of handwritten love and thank you notes to your most cherished moments.

Why Choose Us?


High-Quality Materials

Artisan Craft

Custom Handwritten Love Notes


How It Works

1. Choose a Note

Browse through our collection of handwritten notes and greeting cards.
Select the note you prefer, choosing from various paper and envelope options displayed.
Choose your preferred envelope color.
Select the ink color you prefer.

2. Customize Your Note

Think about the message you want to convey.
Feel free to ask us for help if you need more inspiration.

3. Place Your Order

Check to make sure you selected your desired options (envelope, paper, ink).
Write your desired message for the note.
Enhance your note with optional photo prints, stamps, and soon, sketches or drawings.

4. Production and Delivery

Your handwritten love note will be crafted as soon as we receive your personalized message.
Notes are typically written on the next working day and sent via post.
For orders exceeding 50 notes, please allow an additional working day for production.

5. Delivery

Your handwritten love note will be delivered directly to you or your desired recipient via post.
Optionally, you can choose to add tracking to your order for an additional fee.

6. Customer Support

Need assistance or have questions? Contact us via WhatsApp or the website’s contact form.
We’re here to ensure your experience is seamless and your handwritten love notes are delivered with care.

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